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Review of Redneck

Redneck Volume 1: Deep in the Heart - Donny Cates

I have never read a book about redneck vampires so I thought this graphic novel was kind of fun.


It also shows that holding a grudge against a family only brings bad things.


The Bowmans love their family and their guns and they have a BBQ joint. They raise cows and drain the blood to drink and use the meat to make mighty fine BBQ.


The older siblings are getting tired of being hidden away, and decide to go to town but something horrible happens and brings their world crashing down.


Overall, it was an okay story but I felt like it was kind of a broad overview of the family and thought it might have more of the BBQ joint and that good ole boy feel but it didn't. Though I am curious as to what will happen with the family.


The illustrations were pretty good too.


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Review of High Moon

High Moon Vol. 1 - David Gallaher, Steve Ellis

This was a strange one and it also had me a bit confused at times but then I think it was suppose to as there was kind of a reveal close to the end but then it kept going and also there was a lot of men called Macgregor and that was confusing I actually had to go back to the beginning and check some things out.


A town seems to be infested with some creatures and a mysterious man comes there looking for someone and lots of things happen and I can't say spoiler. :)


Overall, it was not a bad graphic novel but at the same time I felt I entered into the middle of something though it says vol. 1. Had some really cool graphic though! :) 


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Kind of disappointed. :(

Skitter - Ezekiel Boone

I enjoyed The Hatching but this one just really felt like a filler novel to get us to the last one where I am hoping some sort of action occurs because this was just freaking boring. We get glimpses at those people from the last book that are still alive and kicking plus some I didn't remember. 


The government is screwing over the people pretty much by pulling out their people and not letting the population know there is still something to be scared about. Then the President decides to pull some sort of thing and bans travel but I guess it's better than nuking them like China did. 


There is not even any spiders until about 65% in and then that wasn't even anything. Though the author does know how to leave us with a cliffy and the threat of those very spiders right at the end. So even though I didn't like this one much I will probably get Zero Day just to see what happens! 


Read this for Monsters cause you know flesh eating spiders (though they were only at the end and they did something horribly worst this time than just eating you!) 


What did I just

Alone - Cyn Balog

This one comes out next month and well it was different.  I almost feel like I can't say a lot without giving to much away.


It's about a young girl and her family living in this isolated place, there is lots of snow. One day a group of teens get stranded and they invite them in and then things start getting strange. It takes almost to 60% for it to get real interesting but once that happens it's one wild ride and then the ending, it's like you have to read ending more than once to make sure you read it right and then you remember some things you read and it kind of clicks but at the same time you are like what did I just


It's being called the YA version of The Shining and it does have elements but at the same time not really must like it though some of the teens themselves mention the Shining and the overlook hotel.


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Not scary but not bad.

Rosemary's Baby - Ira Levin

Rosemary's Baby is not very scary but it was pretty strange and I enjoyed it.

Rosemary and her husband were really wanting to get into the Bramford apartment complex and right when they had signed a lease on another apartment it becomes available and Rosemary begs her husband Guy to get them out of the lease and into the Bramford. Wrong move on her part! :)


Not real long after they had been living there they meet an old couple who really seems to take over their lives but Rosemary doesn't see it until it's to late. Rosemary doesn't see a lot of things till it's too late. I know I keep saying wake up woman!


It wasn't to long after they met the old couple that Guy gets his big break in acting and it seems he is on fire with his career and then Rosemary gets pregnant and that is when the old couple really become a bit obsessed with her and the care of her baby, they even get her to go to a doctor they recommend, give her  vitamin drinks, etc.


Like a lot of older horror it was more atmospheric than scary. The reader can see what his happening and is worried for Rosemary though she is a bit slow to realize what is happening. There was a few times I really wanted to scream at Rosemary for not catching onto things that were happening around her.


The ending is a little strange and well I don't know. I am not even sure what I was expecting. I do think I am glad that I read this one before seeing the movie and now I would like to watch the movie. (Seeing the movie ruined my enjoyment of The Exorcist novel).


I am reading this book called Paperbacks from Hell and it's the history of the horror industry from the 70's and 80's and the author says there was three books that really was a turning point for horror and those are The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby and The Other. So I have one more to go and I will have all three read. :) Let me tell you this book is wreaking havoc on my


Even though it's classed as horror I think I would put it as more suspense than horror, especially towards the end. I would recommend it to those who might like a little spooky suspense as it would be great for those who don't like to get to scared. I know a few of you out


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Now I want an Eclair! :)

A Deadly Éclair: A French Bistro Mystery - Daryl Wood Gerber


Mimi Rousseau was lucky to have a man who believed in her abilities and became her benefactor and helped her launch her bistro and a inn that went with it. She really thinks of him as sort of a father figure and cares about him a lot.


The bistro is hosting its biggest affair as a TV personality and her husband is going to get married there and her guest are staying there as well. They were having an out-of-towner dinner for a few of Angelica’s and Lyle’s guest and Mimi wants it to all go well because Angelica is Bryan’s niece.


Things were going pretty good and then Angelica’s father shows up and causes a scene and then Mimi witnesses some interesting conversations between Bryan and some of the guest and by early morning Bryan is found dead. Mimi looks to be the most likely suspect because they find her phone summoning him though she swears she didn’t do it and often left her phone in the kitchen. It also doesn’t help that he left papers that in the event of his death Mimi’s debt was forgiven so she will not owe anything on the bistro.


The detective that is in charge went to school with Mimi and her friend Jo and doesn’t really think she did it but he can’t just dismiss things. Mimi must try and figure out what happened and since those with motives are still around and can’t go home she does a bit of snooping.


This was my first book by this author and I enjoyed it. I liked Mimi and thought she was really good at getting people to talk. I loved her friend Jo, especially when it came to how she handled Tyson. The poor guy has such a crush on her but she doesn’t seem to notice so when she jumps on him about proving her friend didn’t kill Bryan he always gets all flustered.


Since I knew who was getting killed from the blurb I went into this gathering up my suspects and by the end had it narrowed to two and one of them was the culprit. I just wasn’t sure which one until the reveal so I thought it was a good mystery.


If you are a fan of cozies then I think you will enjoy this one and it has a lot of yummy looking recipes in the back! Great for all who love foodie themes!

Fun little cozy.

Pumpkins in Paradise (A Tj Jensen Mystery Book 1) - Kathi Daley


It’s Halloween time but it’s also the school reunion for TJ Jenson and things are hoping. Things get a little tense around when they find out that a news reporter from Second Look is coming to town to investigate a cold case. The murder happened when TJ was in High School and nobody had really thought of it since even though the case was never solved.


A lot of people are not happy with Samatha being there because they don’t want their secrets surfaced especially the killer because she soon dies in a car accident and nobody is sure if it was accidental or murder. Roy, the policemen in town is a bit overwhelmed with this since he is now the only cop. (can’t say why cause I don’t want to spoil things) So TJ comes on board to help him figure things out since she has been really good at it in the past.


I really like TJ and how she has stepped up and taken charge of your younger siblings. I love how her dad is so welcoming to them even though they are not his kids. It’s a really close knit family and TJ is learning how to balance being sort of mother but sister at the same time. She learns more it seems with each book and I am glad things are going well with her in the relationship department. 


It’s just fun being back with a bunch of characters I really enjoy.


It has a good murder and there were a lot of suspects and I never managed to figure out exactly who did it as the one I really thought did it wasn’t the killer.


These cozies are short but always have great story lines and a great mystery and I really like them. If you like cozies and are in the mood for a good short read then check out this series!

Reading progress update: I've read 18%.

Rosemary's Baby - Ira Levin

I have been really slacking on my Halloween Bingo reads! Just have a lot of review books to punch out but I finally got back to one. I am going to use this one for my free space as I don't have any other space for it and I need a bingo


It has been okay so far but something just happened that makes me really want to read a bit further cause I wonder....hmmm. I am doing a buddy read for this one with Barb from Horror @ Booker T's Farm. :)


This series is just wacky and crazy. I love it!

Play That Funky Music White Koi (Lemon Layne Mystery) - Hollie Jackson, Dakota Cassidy



This is a fun book, I mean just look at that title. :) If you want to laugh and still have a decent murder mystery then you should try this series! :) 


Lemon Layne isn't looking to get into any more murder mysteries but then Cappie comes to her house and they discover a dead body in her Koi pond. Of course, Cappie who is the fun loving conspiracy theorist sees that she has two punctures in her neck, starts speaking of vampires!! You just got to love Cappie!


Lemon really doesn't want to get involved but when someone dies in your Koi pond how could you not be curious and want to find out what happened. She can't help it if people talk to her and she finds out all about Amy from her friends and they were into alternative medicines, etc.  


I really like Lemon as she is a fun character but I really love the side characters like Cappie as he cracks me up! It also has a pretty decent mystery for being only 4 hour and 40 minute listen. I just let the killer slip through my fingers as I just didn't suspect that person and it should have been pretty :) 


If you love wacky and zany characters then you should try this series. It's great after you have listened to something heavy and need a light crazy book. :) 


The Narrator 


I am getting to where I enjoy Hollie Jackson more and more with each read. She does a good job with this series.

Reading progress update: I've listened 25 out of 300 minutes.

Play That Funky Music White Koi (Lemon Layne Mystery) - Hollie Jackson, Dakota Cassidy

This series just cracks me up. It's purely for laugh out loud fun but they do have good short little mysteries. They have a conspiracy theorist that lives in town and in the first book the murder looked like a zombie did it and in this one there are puncture wounds so he thinks it's a vampire!! HEHE Just pure fun!

Another favorite cozy series

Tightening the Threads (A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery) - Lea Wait


This is one of my favorite cozy series and it's always fun to get back together with Angie and the gang. 


Sarah has been harboring some big news and it's about to become public soon so she tells Angie about it first. Ted Lawrence is having a birthday party and gathering his three children and a couple others to his house at The Point. He is going to make a big announcement, that Sarah is his niece. She has Angie to come with her in case the siblings don't take it well. 


Sarah didn't know that he was going to make an even bigger announcement and that has everyone at the table (except Sarah who is surprised and Angie and Patrick as they are not family) Then at the clambake the following night Ted dies and they suspect it was red tide from a bad clam, but soon they find out it could have been something more sinister. Then the next day, I believe Silas, Abbie's husband, has drowned in the ocean. Or did he? 


The only ones who could have killed Ted were the ones there at the clambake so who was it? Luke ask Angie to try and figure it out once they have decided it was murder. 

I like Angie, but I am not a fan of her drinking in the last book it had calmed down some but there was lots of drinking going on in this one. Makes me wonder if the author loves to drink. Angie went from being a private investigator in Arizona to handling the finances of the Mainely Needlepointers and learning the craft herself. She seems to be settling back into Maine rather well. I like Sarah too, so I was glad to finally know what had been going on with her and Ted. Since Ted was so much older than her it was kind of gross thinking they were dating but Angie and I am sure a lot of others was starting to think Sarah has had a tough life and all she wants is family but boy did she get a dysfunctional one! 


It has a good mystery although I had the murderer pegged from the beginning but there was some things I wasn't sure about so it didn't bother me knowing because sometimes I did second guess myself but I was right. :) I like being


This is a great series for any cozy mystery lover!


Puppies! :)

Puppies in Paradise - Kathi Daley

There is a blizzard going on and TJ's friend Stella is injured in an car accident and laid up in the hospital. TJ agreed to take her dog and her new litter of puppies while she is getting better. Then one of her grandpa's friends has been murdered and she must try and figure out what happened as her grandfather is very upset. 


I really like TJ and I have gotten to know here pretty good now that I have finished book 5 and so it's always nice coming back to see what all is going on. TJ and Hunter seem to be doing well with the new relationship. I really love all the characters from her grandfather to her two little sisters that she cares for. It's a really close knit community and lots of fun.


I didn't guess the murder but I was close as I had part of it right. :) Even those these are short cozies I think the author does a great job with the whodunit. Great for any cozy mystery fan.


Devils Unto Dust - Emma Berquist

So my second 2018 review book and I am not off to a great start. I think I shouldn't have read this one so close to reading Dread Nation because they were a lot alike. They both used S names for their zombies, Shamblers -Shakes, kind of hard to not want to call them the wrong name what I talked about it to 


It's kind of like a western, set back in the time after the civil war. A sickness breaks out and turns people into Shakes.They have some small towns but not a lot of progress going since they Shakes are everywhere, they have fences and wall to keep them out. Willie has to go looking for her pa and hires two hunters to talk her out of the town and to another town and it's a danger thing to do. 


Just really dull for me until about the last 25% and then it picked up a bit and I thought it had a decent ending. It ends like it could be a standalone though it could also have a sequel and that would work as well. 


My first two zombie books and they were both sort of dullsville. Now I know why I don't read I wanted action and got very little. :(


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Review of Old World Murder

Old World Murder - Kathleen Ernst


Chloe is trying to get over a bad break up and she is hoping that coming to work as the curator of Old World Wisconsin. On her first day an old lady come to talk to her, but Chloe can't help her. She couldn't just give her back a relic she donated and didn't even know where to begin looking for it. Then the old lady dies in a car crash and Chloe feels bad. She feels like it might have been her fault and so she tries to find the bowl.


She is suppose to be working on other projects and not everyone is happy with her trying to find a bowl that belonged to the old lady since she is dead. She just can't keep from trying to figure out what happened to it. It leads her to finding out some information about the bowl that might make it worth a lot of money.


Her boss is not real happy with her and she could be on the way to losing her new job so she needs to try and find out what is going on before she gets worse.


Chloe is a pretty decent character though a bit head strong when it comes to certain things. She just a got a new job and really should have been concentrating on it even though she felt bad. Roelke I think might take some getting use to as sometimes I just wasn't a fan. He has some anger issues which isn't good for a cop, but he knows it and tries hard not to let that part out much. He just rubbed me the wrong way sometimes but he wasn't a bad person.


It has a good mystery and I didn't guess whodunit but I was looking in the right direction. :)


The Narrator

Elisa is one of my favorites and she always does a great job with cozies. Her male voices are not always great but they are okay.

Enjoyed this more than I thought I would. :)

The Dying Hour - Rick Mofina


This was my first book by this author but it won't be the last and I am looking forward to more books from this series.


In The Dying Hour Jason Wade is just one of several interns vying for the one slot that the Seattle Mirror has to offer. It's going to come down to who gets the best stories. 

Jason Wade wants this job really badly but he is not getting a lot of great headlines so he calls up some police stations looking for something, anything that might lead somewhere. He gets a tip about a young girl who has gone missing, nobody really thinks much about it. It's not really being chased by anyone else and he figures why not. So he looks into it and he wasn't prepared for the wild ride it would take him on.


The more Jason looks into things the more places it takes him. He is young and gung ho and it gets him in trouble with the people at the Seattle Mirror. He knows he is onto something though and it could lead him to a serial killer that nobody even knew about, it could also get him killed.


You get the POV of Jason but you also get some from the cops working the case but you also get the POV from Karen the missing girl. It's those from Karen that really has you rooting for Jason to figure things out before it's to late as you find out more and more about what has happened to others. I really like Jason though and even though he makes mistakes he is a great investigator and reporter. He didn't give up when he knew all the clues where leading a certain way even when others were putting up walls in his way. 


It has a great and bizarre mystery, crazy killer and even though  the reader knows who is behind things you really want to root for Jason to put it all together. 


I really enjoyed this one and can't wait to try the next one in this series. Recommended for those who like stories involving reporters and mysteries.


This was my first time listening to Paul Costanzo and he took a bit of getting use to but by the end of the book I really did enjoy his narration. 


Reading progress update: I've read 11%.

Devils Unto Dust - Emma Berquist

Reads a bit like Dread Nation so I am not sure yet how I feel about it. It's kind of weird that there would be two books so close in content but also different. 


It's set after the war against the states, has some sickness creating people they called Shakes. So I think I might use this for Zombies if the shakes seem to be like I think they are if not it will be my free space.


Not far enough in to know if I am liking it or not, I think it might start picking up after Will has to go find her father. I have a friend who read it and really liked it so I hope I do. :)