What did I just read...lol.

Alone - Cyn Balog

This one comes out next month and well it was different.  I almost feel like I can't say a lot without giving to much away.


It's about a young girl and her family living in this isolated place, there is lots of snow. One day a group of teens get stranded and they invite them in and then things start getting strange. It takes almost to 60% for it to get real interesting but once that happens it's one wild ride and then the ending, it's like you have to read ending more than once to make sure you read it right and then you remember some things you read and it kind of clicks but at the same time you are like what did I just read...lol


It's being called the YA version of The Shining and it does have elements but at the same time not really must like it though some of the teens themselves mention the Shining and the overlook hotel.


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