Puppies! :)

Puppies in Paradise - Kathi Daley

There is a blizzard going on and TJ's friend Stella is injured in an car accident and laid up in the hospital. TJ agreed to take her dog and her new litter of puppies while she is getting better. Then one of her grandpa's friends has been murdered and she must try and figure out what happened as her grandfather is very upset. 


I really like TJ and I have gotten to know here pretty good now that I have finished book 5 and so it's always nice coming back to see what all is going on. TJ and Hunter seem to be doing well with the new relationship. I really love all the characters from her grandfather to her two little sisters that she cares for. It's a really close knit community and lots of fun.


I didn't guess the murder but I was close as I had part of it right. :) Even those these are short cozies I think the author does a great job with the whodunit. Great for any cozy mystery fan.