Kind of disappointed. :(

Skitter - Ezekiel Boone

I enjoyed The Hatching but this one just really felt like a filler novel to get us to the last one where I am hoping some sort of action occurs because this was just freaking boring. We get glimpses at those people from the last book that are still alive and kicking plus some I didn't remember. 


The government is screwing over the people pretty much by pulling out their people and not letting the population know there is still something to be scared about. Then the President decides to pull some sort of thing and bans travel but I guess it's better than nuking them like China did. 


There is not even any spiders until about 65% in and then that wasn't even anything. Though the author does know how to leave us with a cliffy and the threat of those very spiders right at the end. So even though I didn't like this one much I will probably get Zero Day just to see what happens! 


Read this for Monsters cause you know flesh eating spiders (though they were only at the end and they did something horribly worst this time than just eating you!)