Devils Unto Dust - Emma Berquist

So my second 2018 review book and I am not off to a great start. I think I shouldn't have read this one so close to reading Dread Nation because they were a lot alike. They both used S names for their zombies, Shamblers -Shakes, kind of hard to not want to call them the wrong name what I talked about it to friends...lol. 


It's kind of like a western, set back in the time after the civil war. A sickness breaks out and turns people into Shakes.They have some small towns but not a lot of progress going since they Shakes are everywhere, they have fences and wall to keep them out. Willie has to go looking for her pa and hires two hunters to talk her out of the town and to another town and it's a danger thing to do. 


Just really dull for me until about the last 25% and then it picked up a bit and I thought it had a decent ending. It ends like it could be a standalone though it could also have a sequel and that would work as well. 


My first two zombie books and they were both sort of dullsville. Now I know why I don't read them...lol. I wanted action and got very little. :(


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