I love second chance romances!

For the Longest Time - Kendra Leigh Castle

For the Longest Time was a cute and quick listen and didn’t really seem like it was nine and a half hours long.


Summing it up:

Sam needs a do over and quick. She leave the big city to go back to the quiet small town life of Harvest Cove, but coming home brings up lots of memories. The biggest memory is of Jake who she finds out is now the town Veterinarian.  You don’t really get as much details as I would have liked on what happened between Jake and Sam but it left a scar on Sam’s heart.


Now they are adults and it’s time to push the old fears away and start again, but Sam has a hard time letting the past go. Especially when CeCe comes back to town, she was Jake’s girlfriend during high school and one of the main people who hurt her a lot with her mean talk. Jake didn’t even realize  that he hurt Sam so much and he just wants to put it behind them and move on as he really never forgot Sam.


What I liked:

I love second chance romances, they just make me all gooey. Sam was the outside goth painter in High School but she grew up to be a really beautiful painter, but then life happens. Jake was the football jock that everyone crushed on and now he is the Veterinarian. Grown up version of Jake is pretty dreamy, though I don’t think he learned much about how to choose friends.  I loved Sam’s boss Zoe who ones the art gallery in Harvest Cove, she is very spunky and a lot of fun. I hope she gets a story soon..maybe her and Jason??


What I didn’t liked:

There wasn’t really to much that I didn’t like about this book. I do think that there needed to be a little more background about what really happened between Sam and Jake back in high school. I get the feel that it was more than just Sam having a crush, but Jake seems to be oblivious to anything bad happening back then.


Final thoughts:

I thought it was a cute quick read and if you are into Contemporary romances then I think you will probably enjoy it. I can’t wait to see what happens with Sam’s sister Emma in the next book in the series,Every Little Kiss.