Hot Cowboy...need I say more? :)

Branded - Laura Wright

First Thoughts: Whew..I need more male narrators doing romance novels. *Fans self* Only need one word to describe Branded..Cowboys!


Branded is my first novel by Laura Wright and man was it one hot read.


Deacon has been pained by the past and he thinks the only thing that will help take care of that pain is to destroy his fathers ranch. He has worked hard in the corporate world buying business and tearing them down. He has bought up a lot of the land around his fathers ranch and now that his father is dead he is coming back to claim the Triple C so he can tear it down. He just didn’t expect to have such a feisty ranch foreman make sure that it never happens. A secret that nobody knew about also comes to light and now they have to deal with the fact that they might also have a brother, who happens to be McKenzie’s best friend, Blue.


McKenzie “Mac” Byrd grew up crushing on Deacon Cavanaugh but after their sister Cass was killed three brothers left town. Now Mac is the foreman of the Triple C and she will do anything to get Deacon to not tear the place down and ruin all she has worked for. She never understood what happened to them after Cass died and the boys never wanted her to know. It’s a painful part of Deacon’s past that he doesn’t like to talk about but all the reason why he thinks getting rid of the Triple C will help him.


When Deacon comes home he wasn’t looking for anything but to get rid of the Triple C, but after he lays eyes on the grown up McKenzie he is pretty much a goner. One drunk kiss and he is going to do anything to make McKenzie his and talk her out of of this nonsense she has about fighting him to keep the Triple C. McKenzie might really want Deacon but she also knows that getting rid of the Triple C is not going to get rid of the pain and heartache that he has lived with all his life.


Branded was a very hot read with sexy cowboys and a feisty cowgirl and I really felt sorry for Deacon and the torment he was going through and didn’t blame him one bit for wanting to get rid of the ranch he grew up on. I also could see why McKenzie fights so hard to keep the place she calls home and pretty much grew up on as well.


I would recommend this for anyone who loves sexy cowboys and I can’t wait to find out what happens next with the second book. This book leaves you with a little bit of mystery as they learn some things about Cass’s murder.


Narrator: Kaleo Griffith

Oh my Goodness, let me tell you something. At first I wasn’t sure about Kaleo but his soothing voice soon won me over and his sexy voice reading those love scene..well…whew wee. His female voices were not real great but it was easy to get past that and I think I need more male narrators reading my romances!! HOT HOT HOT