Cute, sweet and fluffy romance

Just Like the Movies - Kelly Fiore

First Thoughts: If your in the mood for a fun fluffy YA romance then you will like Just Like the Movies.


This book was just the fun light-hearted romantic fluff I was needing and I really enjoyed it. I read Taste Test by the same author and enjoyed it so I figured I might enjoy this one and I am glad I grabbed it. Honestly, I don't normally read YA romances because I don't really enjoy them as they are filled with way to much drama and even though I did have a problem with one of the main characters a little it didn't take away to much from the story.


Everyone at one point in time has probably wished their life was just like the movies and when Marijke and Lilly meet at a movie theatre they decided to try and get that movie romance. What they forgot was that life is not like the movies, it's not scripted, or planned. Both girls grow along the way and discover new things about themselves.


Marijka (thank goodness there was a part that told me how to pronounce it.) life revolves around her hot boyfriend Tommy. She is really insecure about her relationship because every time he talks to a girl, smiles at a girl, text a girl she thinks he is being unfaithful. (That is the part that drove me crazy). She is crazy in love and she is pretty sure he feels the same way but he never says it. Wake up guys, sometimes a girl just needs to hear it! Along the way she starts to see things in a different prospective and it changes her life.


Lilly, is a little bit shy and very involved in school. She is the one who does so many things for the school that she is taken for grant it and nobody even knows her name. She is crushing badly on Joe a motorcross guy. Marijka helps her get her movie moments and it sort or works as at least Joe talks to her. Joe seems to like her for who she is but Lily at first tries being someone she is not (like dressing like a Marijka) and it gets her looks but it's not really her.  She goes out of her way and jumps out of that comfort zone and things don't go exactly how she had planned.


The one thing that these girls learned was about being yourself and not settling for less that what is best for you. They also learned a lot about friendship. They wanted a movie romance but ended up with a movie friendship.


This is not some deep emotional romance so if that is what your looking for then don't try it. If you want some thing cute, fluffy and light-hearted then you will probably enjoy this one. It was sweet and fun and I really enjoyed it.