It was okay, but could have been a bit better.

The Killing Woods - Lucy Christopher

The Killing Game is my first book by this author and I thought it to be sort of a chaotic mess.  In the end there is an important lesson to be learned but it was getting to the end that felt a little erratic.


The book is in the two POV’s and both of the characters are a mess because of the death of Ashlee. Emily’s father is being accused of murder because he comes out the woods with Ashlee’s body. He has PTSD from his time in the military and they think he was having one of his flashbacks when he killed her. Emily is now an outcast at school, but she also doesn’t believe her father  could be a killer and sets out to prove it.


Damon was Ashlee’s boyfriend and he is a real mess. He wakes up and can’t remember what happened the night before because of the drugs. He thinks he remembers walking Ashlee to the short track but he really can’t remember. He believes that Emily’s father killed his girlfriend and he wants to make his daughter pay.


Both Damon and Emily are so confused in what they believe is the truth and the more each of them try to figure things out the more chaotic it gets. Emily makes Damon think that he could have had more to do with what happened to Ashlee than he first believes, but then Emily also starts thinking that maybe her father did do it. Back and forth it’s a very chaotic and intense ride.


Ashlee wasn’t the girl that Damon thought she was, she wanted to play the Game but she was playing it in a whole different way and you start to figure out what she was doing towards the end. I had pretty much guessed who the killer was and just waited to see if I was right. Though the reason behind it I wasn’t sure of until the end.


The strange sort of way the author puts Damon and Emily together as potential love interest was just  a little to weird for me. Unless you think of it as strange teenage hormones because I didn’t get it. Emily hates Damon but wants to kiss him. Damon hates Emily but wants to put his hands on her?? Just to freaky for me.


Even though at times it could be intense I just found the pacing to be slow and a bit repetitive.  I was curious enough about what happened to keep going but I think I was just expecting a different story line or something.