Secret Societies are always fun!

The Lies That Bind - Lisa Roecker, Laura Roecker


A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to be a part of the celebration of the last Liar Society book and I realized that I hadn’t read the second one. I really enjoyed the first one so I told them I would love to review the third one. So in doing so I grabbed up the second one on kindle!  So now I am already to dive into the third one.


In the first Liar Society book we know that Grace dies in a tragic “accident” or so that is what those that are covering it up say. At Pemberly Brown there are  two secret societies the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood. Each are at war with each other and want complete control of the campus. When Kate tries to bring the societies down it all goes horrible wrong.


Now Kate is trying to move on but she just can’t let what happened to her friend Grace go like everyone wants her too. A new rule has been implemented that says if you are caught doing anything involving secret societies or that type of thing you can be expelled. Then another sisterhood girl goes missing and Kate is back in the middle of everything. Her boyfriend Liam just wants her to leave it alone but he just doesn’t understand that she can’t. Someone is sending her messages in Graces handwriting and the brotherhood wants her to get the sisterhood to disband or they will have another “accident” with the girl they have kidnapped.


Taylor ask Kate to help her find  her best friend and they realize really fast that they can’t even go to the authorities because the brotherhood alumi are everywhere even in local law enforcement. It is going to be up to just them to find out what they can on the brotherhood and find out where they are keeping the kidnapped girl.


One thing Kate needs to remember is things at Pemberly Brown are never as they seem and you really can’t trust anyone. The ending comes with a bit of a twist but I sort of seen it coming. There was one thing that I didn’t see coming, but I sort of guessed what was going on with the ‘kidnapped’ girl.

Over all I enjoyed the story, but maybe not as much as I did the first one. I am curious to see how Kate is going to handle herself in the third and last book in the trilogy as I think things are going to be a lot different for her.  If you enjoy a good YA mystery then you will probably like this trilogy but don’t try reading this one without having read the first one or you will be a bit lost of all the secret society stuff.