It's a cute kids book!

OMG…Am I a Witch is a cute chapter book about a girl who accidentally turns her brother into a dog. She didn’t mean to do it and she is not really sure how she did it. She fines a book of spells online and recites a spell at her brother one day on the school bus when he was bothering her and then poof he is a little dog.


April, keeps thinking to herself, am I a witch. She can make things happen with her mind. Her friend Grace who is trying to help her knows about a new girl who is from New Orleans and her grandmother is a witch doctor. So they invite her over to help them try and reverse the spell. All the while they are also trying to hid her brother, Austin. April had to do some really weird things to help change her brother back, things that will make young readers probably giggle or go eww gross.

I would recommend this book for anyone with young girls who love to read.