A good series :)

Of Murder and Men (A Cat Latimer Mystery) - Lynn Cahoon

Kat finally gets some answers about what happened to her ex-husband in this one. Great as usual!


It’s time for Kat to have another writer’s retreat but she is distracted and so is Shauna. Shauna has been spending more time with Kevin making Kat worried that she might decide not to work at the retreat anymore. Kat has also been going through a lot of Mathews old papers trying to figure out what was going on with the man she use to be married too. Even though she was divorced from him she still carried about him and he was the reason she has the nice big house she used for her retreats.


One moment Shauna was happy her and Kevin might get married then the next she was mad because he told her not to wear the ring. Then Kevin turns up dead and Seth remembers seeing Shauna with a box of rat poison, though they don’t really believe she would murder Kevin. Shauna knows she would make a good suspect. It seems though that she might not be the only one who has reasons for wanting him dead. His partner Paul seems to be a bit greedy and is one of the reasons he didn’t want Shauna wearing the ring because Paul didn’t want him giving her anything and knew things would be different if he got married. Kevin also has a couple of exes his first was a high school sweetheart and they have one child but he doesn’t really have a lot to do with him and the other is Paul’s sister Jade who has two kids by him.


Not only does Kat have to deal with this but she is also finding out more about her ex-husband and finding he has a few secrets that she didn’t have a clue about and finally finds out who killed her ex.


She gets a few warnings about leaving things alone and her Uncle and Seth doesn’t want her sleuthing but she does it anyway and gets in a bit of trouble along the way. 


I really like Kat and the gang in these novels and it has a really good mystery. I was leaning in the right direction when it came to who the killer was but I wasn’t exactly sure so it was fun to find out.


Can’t wait for a new one!!