It was fun to listen too.

Purrfect Murder - Nic Saint, Joe Hempel

I do believe this is the first cozy mystery that I have read where the cat is the narrator of the story!


Max is a cat who lives with Odelia a reporter for the Gazette and he is always listening in on what is going on around town and reporting back to Odelia. Yes, Odelia can talk to her cats, something about having a bit of witch in her family tree. Her grandmother could do the same thing.


There’s a new cat in town and he is causing trouble for Max, he is pushing his weight around because his owner is the new detective, Chase  and Brutus thinks that since his owner is a cop he rules. This doesn’t go well with Max but he has other things to figure out like who killed the bestselling author.


Odelia doesn’t get along with Chase at first and this suits Max just fine because he is afraid that if they like each other he will be stuck with Brutus. Chase isn’t use to small town life and gets mad when Odelia sticks her noise into his investigation but by the end of the book he gets use to it.


I really like Max and his gang, but Brutus seems to be a bit of a bully, so maybe he will charm me later. I like Odelia she is very persistent and won’t let up even if it makes Chase mad. I felt bad for Chase because he was accused of something he didn’t do which is why he had to move there. He seems like a really good guy under that crusty exterior.


This was a really fast listen so I am sure it would be a pretty fast read, it was a lot of fun and had a really good mystery.