Review of Still Life

Still Life - Louise Penny

First in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, Still Life was a really good mystery and I am so glad I have finally gave this series a try as I have wanted to for a long while. 


Chief Inspector Gamache and his team travel to Three Pines where Jane Neal has been killed and it looks to be suspicious as she was killed with an arrow. If it was a hunting accident why didn’t someone come forth, so now CI Gamache has to talk to the locals and try and figure out what might have happened.


Everyone just thinks it was a tragic hunting accident but CI Gamache thinks something else happened and works hard to get to he bottom of things. At the beginning of the story we get a sense that Three Pines was usually a pretty idyllic place to live, but not all is good anymore with some of the things that has been going on and not all the residents like each other, so it’s not as fantastic of a place as it use to be, so it allows for something else to happen.


I like CI Gamache and I like how he demands respect. When he told the older lady not to slam her cane down at him again, or something like that it made me laugh. He was willing to be suspended because he wouldn’t arrest a man he believed did not do it when he  boss wanted him too. He seems like a cop I would like.


There are a lot of red herrings in this book and it was really hard to figure out who done it and I never would have guessed who it was but I knew cause I watched the Acorn TV version of this book before I read it…lol. It’s what made me want to try this series.


I really enjoyed this book and I already have book two in my online library and will be getting to it soon!! If you like mysteries then I think you will enjoy this one.