Last novella in this fun triology

Money Back Guarantee - Hunter Shea

I am a Hunter Shea fan and this Trilogy has been cool because he has taken a few of the cheesy comic book adds that I remember from my childhood and turned them into something dark and scary.


In this third one Rosemary has just received her first check from selling tupperware and her kid Dwight talks her into getting him this really cool submarine since she has all this extra cash. Just like a kid, right? :) 


She decides to get it for him but when it comes it's a really a piece of trash. It's just made out of cardboard, but Dwight seems to enjoy it so she lets it go. Next thing you know Dwight and his friend Jimmy try to use it in the pool and almost drowned when it collapsed in on them.


She is one mad mother and calls up the company but they are hard to find and then soon she starts getting some weird phone calls. Then her husband and kid go missing and she has do what she can do to get them back.


I was a bit worried about this one as it didn't sound as fun as the other ones did but I enjoyed this one a lot more than the second one. Just Add Water will always be my favorite out of the trilogy though but this one was a nice wrap up.


Rosemary is one mom you don't want to mess with man! She was super cool and you don't want to get her mad. 


There were a few things I was questioning at the end and it did feel a little bit rushed but overall I really enjoyed it. It was a very enjoyable trilogy and I am a little sad to see it finished but look forward to trying out more of Shea's books. :)


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