So much going on in this one!

Dark Exodus: A Demonists Novel, Book 2 - Tantor Audio, Thomas E. Sniegoski, Eric Michael Summerer

We are getting the aftermath of what happened in book one. John and Theo were ghost hunters with a show on TV until something went horribly wrong. Now they are pretty much the only hope humanity has against evil. 


Theo is getting use to the demons inside her and she can use them for her purpose now and then, but they can also use her. John hates seeing his wife in such turmoil and works with others to try and figure out how to fight off the demon onslaught that is upon them since they accidently let them all loose.


It is so hard to try and figure out who is good and who is bad in this one as demons are on the rise taking over anyone from kids to old people. It even seems like some you thought were good might not be and even those who are suppose to be good (divine beings) are pretty mean when it comes to doing what they came for. It's Heaven and Hell against each other and John and his gang are kind of in the middle of it.



I love all the characters. I feel so bad for Theo and John. Griffin's daughter joins us in this one and she has a power she is trying to control that comes in handy. She is just a little girl and I really liked her. There is also Nicole who can see ghost and normally it was just animal ghost but her powers are growing too as things progress and she gets spooked by some human ghost.


It was a pretty wild ride. It's hard to talk to much about it without spoilers so I won't. :) If you haven't read The Demonist I recommend it and then grab this one. I am now wishing book three was out because of some things that happened at the end! 


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