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We Are Always Watching - Hunter Shea

I love a good Hunter Shea book and this one was I wasn't sure where it was going at first and was getting a little bored but once 60% hit man it was one wild ride. 


So I was going to use this for Ghost because it sounded like that was what it might be about from the blurb, but then it turned out to be something totally different so I have to use it in a different square. :) 


It's about a family who has fallen on hard times do to the father getting in a bad accident and so they have to move in with his father. Matt never wanted to come back to his old home and we find out why when a bunch of weird things start happening. The Guardians are watching! But who or what are they and why are they watching! 


I really liked the characters especially the teenage boy West. OMG! Grandpa Abraham was a piece of work and horrible, though he did have his 


Loved reading Shea's books since I first read The Jersey Devil and then his novella series that has Just Add Water, and Optical Delusion, and can't wait to get to the newest one. If you haven't tried him you should, his books so far have been pretty fun to read. 


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