Decent start to a series.

Family Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery (Volume 1) - Shawn McGuire

Jayne hasn’t been back to Whispering Pines since a family feud drove her family away sixteen years ago, but her grandmother has died and someone has to put her estate in order.


Jayne who is a former police detective and her dog hasn’t been at her grandmother’s house very long when her dog finds a dead body. She also finds that her grandmother’s house has been trashed as well and being a former cop it has her curious. Especially when it looks like the sheriff in town doesn’t seem to want to look into anything.


Jayne takes to snooping on her own and finds out that the town is full of Wiccan followers and that her  grandmother was mixed up in it. She never knew her grandmother was into such things and she isn’t sure she believes in spells and incantations but she soon makes friends with one of the local followers who makes her some protection baggies and she takes them as she feels you can never have to many things protecting you.


The more she digs into things the more she finds out about the town and how someone has a big secret and not everyone wants it known.


I enjoyed this first in a series and thought Jayne was a great character. Since she was a cop she has great cop snooping abilities though she is not sure if that is the path she wants to go in the future. Her new friend Trip sees her grandmother’s house as a potential B&B and sine Jayne is really liking it in Whispering Pines she can kind of see that too but talking her parents into it might be another story. I really enjoyed all the characters and can’t wait to get to know more about them.


If you enjoy cozy mysteries then I think you will enjoy this story.


I listened to this one for Witches.