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We Are Always Watching - Hunter Shea

So Dread Nation is going a little slow right now and so I picked up what I think might be my Ghost book to give it a try. I haven't gotten really far but I am curious. 




They’ve watched over the house for generations…

The move from New York to the decrepit Pennsylvania farmhouse is as bad as West Ridley thought it would be. His father’s crippling vertigo only seems to get worse, and even with his mother working herself to the bone, they’re out of money and options.

Grandpa Abraham is a drunk bastard and the living embodiment of the long neglected farmhouse. He claims the place is haunted. Ghosts roam the hall at night and their muffled cries fill the silence of warm, summer nights.

On the ceiling above West’s bed are the words WE SEE YOU. In a house plagued by death and mysterious visitations, West realizes something beyond the fiction of his favorite horror books has to be faced.

Dark secrets are buried deep, and there are Guardians who want to keep it that way. No matter where they go or what they do, West and his family know one thing… they are always watching.


First line:

When the money ran out, there was nowhere else to go but Grandpa Abraham’s. THe old man claimed his house was haunted; he’d said just as much to West several times during their one and only phone conversation.