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Dread Nation - Justina Ireland

It's not bad but at the same time not a lot of action going on.


Jane and this other girl Katherine are being sent to the Mayors to protect the well-to-do against any possible threats since their attendants have died, but the Mayor says Baltimore is shambler free...Mr. Mayor now you would be lying to the good people of Baltimore now would 


This is set in an alternate America during the civil war era when the dead on the battlefield rose and put an end to one war and created another against the undead. The Native and Negro Reeducation Act was started to train them how to fight the undead to protect the well-to-do....if I was Jane I might be like...go ahead eat 


Jane has a mission thought to get back to Rose Hill, so I am really curious to see if there is still a Rose Hill left standing as she has no clue.


So I was going to use this for my zombie book but I think I am going to use it for my Diverse Voices instead and use a different one for zombies. :)