Review of The Limehouse Text

The Limehouse Text - Will Thomas



So in the first book Some Danger Involved, Llewellyn finds out that the reason the job is vacant is because Barkers other assistant was killed. 


In The Limehouse Text we find out a little bit about what happened to that assistant when they find that he pawned a book. Going after this book puts Barker and Llewellyn in the Chinese district of London with a lot of bad guys wanting to get their hands on the book. 


It's a secret book that contains some dangerous forbidden martial arts  moves and such that could kill a man very easily and had been stolen form a monestary. Of course, everyone wants it for very different reasons but things get more complicated when an officer is killed the same way Barkers previous assistant was and Barker nearly gets himself killed in the process. 


I thought this story just flowed a lot smoother than the last one and I was a lot more interesting in what was going on. It had a lot of twist and turns and a whole lot of suspects.


Cyrus Barker is not my favorite character but he is the independent detective (I can't think of what he calls himself) he is just not extremely likable but okay. Thomas Llewellyn is the one who tells the stories about what is happening and a lot more down to earth and likeable and I always feel bad for him because he ends up in a lot of scraps but at least he is learning how to take care of himself pretty good. 


Overall, it was a good story and I find these books interesting because they always tackle a different part of London. 


I love the narrator Antony Ferguson and he does a great job here but his Chinese accent was sorely lacking. 


Received this book from Tantor Audio for a fair and honest review.