I really like this retro cozy series!


Ellison has had a trying time with the death of her husband and her mother trying to set her up with who she believes is good marrying material. Her mother is so snobbish and old fashioned and she also expects her parties to go over without a side of murder. 


Lately it seems Ellison has been in the vicinity of a few near misses and detective Anarchy Jones thinks someone is trying to kill her and puts protection around her. So she has to deal with that and a full house as her aunt shows up as well as her sister. She really has her hands full with both of them and its a bit stressing, then a woman is killed at her mother's party and they think it was meant to be Ellison, but was it.


Ellison refuses to think someone is trying to kill her and starts looking into things but more and more things keep happening. If she doesn't figure out what is going on it could really end up killing her.  I thought it was a very good mystery though I kind of had it figured out but I still enjoyed it. :)


According to the info on Goodreads this book's story line started one year before I was born...lol. Which is why I deem it retro since it's not historical. :) I really like the 1970's setting and I really enjoyed this one. Ellison was hurt by what she found out about her husband (in book one) so she doesn't trust men to much although she has two who are vying for her attention. I like Hunter just fine but I just like the detective more, there is just something about good ole Anarchy Jones. I also think I like him because her mother doesn't...lol. 


I would recommend this to anyone who loves cozies and it's not a cutesy one either which I like from time to time. 


I love the narrator of this series Callie Beaulieu she just has the right tone of voice for this one.

Source: http://www.audible.com/pd/Mysteries-Thrillers/Clouds-in-My-Coffee-Audiobook/B01M0D1IZU/ref=a_search_c4_1_1_srTtl?qid=1504127578&sr=1-1