My first reads for Bingo!

It's like September can't get here fast enough and I am trying really hard not to get into any books but the need to read is I also know that I am a slow reader and I won't probably get through all my spaces so I do know that there are a few on my list that are must reads and will be at the top of my list. :) 



Rosemary's Baby was already planned out to be a buddy read with a friend of mine who I talked into doing the bingo challenge as well. Barb @ Horror-Booker T's Farm and so that is a must read. 




Ever since I watched this movie and it scared the stuff out of me I have wanted to read the book but kept putting it off. I am in the mood for reading more classic type horror so I really want to make sure I get this one in.



As a werewolf fan I find it rather appalling that I have never read this book. I remember the movie coming out way to long ago but never read the book. A few years ago I got the trilogy in a set on kindle fairly cheap on sale and yet it still sits there on my kindle!!


So bring on September I have me some old school horror to get too! :)