No sympathy here for this dead guy. :)


 *Received this audio from Tantor Audio for a fair and honest review.


In Textual Relations Mimi Capurro and the Gotcha Detective Agency get involved in a case after one of the ladies that works for her starts having some problems with her teen daughter. She knows she is hiding something and when they find some things on her laptop that doesn’t send out good vibes they go and decide to check out the child predators home only to find him dead.


Then they find out that Jackie had been their before they got there and now she is the number one suspect, though there are a lot of people who could have wanted to see this nasty man dead. Mimi wants to give Jackie the benefit of the doubt cause she really doesn’t think she did it so she works with Nick the detective in charge and her former casual boyfriend from her younger days. He is still just as hunky now as he was then and she isn’t sure if she wants to go down that road again or not, but they do work well together.


This is one were I didn’t feel much sympathy for the dead guy and nobody else really did either but it was more of finding out what happened and hoping that their friend didn’t do it. There is also a missing teen and now with the man dead they don’t know were to look and it has an interesting turn of events at the end.


I like all the characters as it has some really good secondary characters to keep things going well. I am curious to see how things play out with Mimi and Nick.


I am enjoying this series and I think if your a cozy lover that you would enjoy them too. 




Gabra Zackman does a really good job with this series.