Teaser: The Devils You Know

I have been working my way through a review book called The Devils You Know and it's a YA horror and it has been really interesting so far. It is about 5 teens who have nothing in common but the fact they all have a secret must try and survive a very wicked house, it's real trippy...lol. This book is really weird but I am liking it! 


But then glass shatters somewhere in the hall. And the sound of little feet running makes my whole body stiffen. A flash of something small and knee-high runs by the bathroom door. But it’s the high laugh that comes out of nowhere that makes my knees buckle.

From page 65


I am 53% through this one and I am still enjoying it and need to set some time aside to finish it cause I really want to know how it ends and hope that it doesn't disappoint. Comes out Oct. 3rd and would be perfect for Halloween Bingo - Chilling Children.