Just kind of meh

The Wrong Girl - C.J. Archer

The Wrong Girl is about a young woman who was a companion to an Earls daughter who has an affliction is locked away. Hannah also has an affliction as she is narcoleptic. Then one day she is kidnapped and they keep calling her Violet, so Hannah knows they have the wrong person but she is afraid to tell them who she really is because she doesn’t know exactly what they wanted.


She soon finds out that they wanted her because she is suppose to be able to produce fire like the Jack can. She has been taken to a place called Freak House where there is a mad scientist, a mute servant and it’s just sort of a strange place. Though I thought it wasn’t freaky enough to be called a Freak House but maybe for the times it was.


So it’s not that I didn’t think it was okay but I just didn’t feel like there was very much of a storyline and thought maybe it would be a bit more freaky. I have been told I shouldn’t take words in titles or in this case series names so literal as it’s been hindering my enjoyment of books…lol. I just can’t help it I see freak and I am thinking a bit more than just some firestarters. Eventually it seems someone else knows about her and is wanting her for something and so that was interesting but overall it was just sort of meh.


I am not totally sold on trying the second book, but one never knows.


The narrator Lucy Rayner did a great job with this one though.