Not much murder for a book with that in the title.

Cheerleading Can Be Murder (Horror High Series Book 1) - Carissa Ann Lynch

Cheerleading Can Be Murder is not as much horror as it was maybe suspense. 


Dakota wants to be on the High School varsity cheerleading squad but she knows there is really only two slots available and getting one of those slots is going to be hard. 


Then some strange things start to happen and they happen to each girl that made the squad. One girl's uniform is ripped up, another girl is poisoned, etc. 


They get a message telling them not to show up to the games or they will be dead. The police are at the game. 


You are always asking yourself which one might be doing it and I pretty much guessed it but there is more going on in "Horror High" than meets the eye and I think the second one sounds like it might pick up a bit and be more horror from the blurb. 


You also get some chapters from the sociopath and those were interesting which also leads me to think the next one will be better. One can hope. :)


I know this sounds bad but I wanted murder and mayhem and I just got suspense which isn't bad but not what I was expecting so it lowered my rating.


I might give book two a try I am just not sure yet. 


Overall, not bad for a book I picked up a while back for free.