Just didn't win me over..bummer.

Midnight Crossroad - Charlaine Harris

Although I haven’t yet made it through all the Sookie Stackhouse books I really love them and the characters and story lines so I was excited to try something different from the author. I like mysteries so I thought this was going to be an awesome read but it was not at least not for me. :(


Manfred moves to Midnight, Texas a place were the strange pretty much live so he fits right in as a semi fake psychic. It might seem like a sleepy little town but it’s full of eccentric people. Although it has ordinary people there are witches and vampires at least those are the two types I know of for now.


Midnight Crossroad was for me very slow paced and I thought I would never get to the mystery part but around 80 pages in we get the dead body. It turns up to be Bobo’s girlfriend whom he thought had just ran off while he was gone on a trip. He came back and she wasn’t there and he has been very bummed since. The police think that Bobo did it because he never reported her missing and the gun that was used comes from his pawn shop.


The good people of Midnight must find out who the real culprit is which I must admit surprised me which was probably my favorite part of the book.


I liked all the characters just fine but I just thought it was a little two slow and boring for me. Which is a real bummer because I was so hyped up to read it. A lot of people I know really enjoy it so I am just thinking it was me so check it out for yourself and see if you like it better.


I have the second book to review, so I will be giving Midnight another try and crossing my fingers that I will like it more.