Couldn't quit listening!

By C.J. Kyle Silent Night [Mass Market Paperback] - C.J. Kyle

Silent Night is set in a Christmas setting in a small town called Christmas. It’s Christmas all year round in this small town and they have never had anything like this happen in their happy little town. It starts out with a crime scene of a little blood and a missing teen. Then a body is found but it’s not the teen, but an adult male and there are rosary beads and a bible at the crime scene.


Chief Tucker isn’t just a small town policemen he has seen his share of violence as he use to work in Chicago. What he was not prepared for his Miranda. A newcomer to Christmas who knows way to much about what is going on and has a crazy theory about who is doing the killing.


Miranda has followed a man she believes to be the man responsible for the killings in her home town and she has a personal stake in finding stopping the killer. She comes to Christmas to get proof that the man she is following is the real killer and she has butted heads with law enforcement before so when she first meets Chief Tucker she sort of skirts around the truth a little.


There is a lot of chemistry between Chief Tucker and Miranda and then they clash a bit with the crimes that are happening. When finds out who she really is and why she is there he is angry but he is not the sort of cop who doesn’t check out every lead and now he is going to have to find a killer and keep the woman he is starting to fall for from harm.

Silent Night sucked me right into the story and held my attention to the very end. I started listening to this while I was cleaning and normally I can just stop and go about doing other things but even after I was done cleaning I was still glued to my earphones and didn’t want to quit. I did eventually have to put them down and go to bed but I picked it right back up the next day and finished this one out. I don’t normally finished an audiobook this fast so it was a great read for me.


I loved both the main characters Chief Tucker might work in a smaller town but he is no small town cop since he is from Chicago so he has seen bad before. He knows how to work a crime scene and he is good at what he does. He takes a liking to Miranda right off the bat which is something that doesn’t normally happen. The waitress tells her he must like you because the chief never shares his cornbread..or something like that it was Miranda doesn’t want to get involved with any type of law enforcement as she doesn’t trust them, but something about Tucker keeps drawing her in. Miranda is determined to come and prove a man a killer and she isn’t going to let Tucker get in the way. They make a great  couple.


If you like romantic suspense then I highly recommend you try this one out because I really enjoyed it and look forward to trying something else from this author.