I so wanted to be wowed but it didn't happen. :(

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

I was really hoping to be wowed by this one because a lot of bloggers I know really enjoyed it but it just didn't hit the mark.

Mare is a Red which means that she has red blood. Those that rule are Silver and they have silver blood. If your lucky and get an apprenticeship and learn a trade then you don't have to go into the army and go to war. The war is a never ending war that just really kills Reds because they are the ones with their lives on the line. Mare is head towards Conscription which means she doesn't have an apprenticeship. Her friend Kilorn had a job but lost it and is now heading towards the front line.

Mare wants to fix things if she can get enough money rounded up to save Kilorn and herself everything would be fine. But a serious of events due to things that she does sets her life in a different direction. She finds herself working at the Hall and while their discovers that she is not like any other Red, she has Silver abilities.

The King and Queen think they can use her to help further their cause against Reds and the Scarlet Guards.

It's a wicked game they are all playing and no one is to be trusted. Mare finds this out the hard way. Mare is a decent character she is tough, and a bit sassy. Some times that gets her into a bit of trouble.

Not sure what type of love triangle this was starting out to be but I was beginning to think she was going to fall for every guy she met. Kilorn, Cal, Maven I could never really tell which one of those I might have liked by the end I think I might have figured it out..lol.

The story ran a little slow for me up until about the last 20% or so and then that is where all the good action, etc is. It is that last part that put my rating up .5 instead of a straight 3 star. I was really getting a bit bored with the story and it reminded me a little too much of Pawn by Aimee Carter. I know some others make references to Selections but I haven't read that one. But because it reminded me so much of Pawn I couldn't get into the story as much as I hoped too.

The part I really enjoyed about the story is the Silver abilities and Mares ability. It's like they are super human and I found that interesting. The writing is decent and I think it was a good attempt at a debut novel. It ends leaving you wanting to know what will happen next and even though I wasn't wowed I will probably try the next book to see what happens.

If your into Dystopian fantasy type novels then you might like this one.

On my blog it got a 3.5 rating.