Her books always makes me laugh!

The Accidental Genie - Dakota Cassidy

The Accidental Genies is the seventh book in Dakota Cassidy’s Accidental series and it was a lot of fun. I have really enjoyed all the of the Accidentals but I think this one is probably my second favorite one besides the first one.


What I thought of this book


The Accidental Genie brings all the fun characters from the previous ones and then adds a new person Jeannie Carlyle. Jeannie is a caterer and can handle most problems that come her way. At a party she had a client ask her to open a bottle of Gin and when she did she got a bit more than she bargained for when a man popped out of the bottle. All of a sudden she gets sucked into the bottle and has no idea what to do, so she uses her phone to search out the term paranormal and finds a number for OOPS (Out in the Open Paranormal Support).


OOPS is a support group that Marty, Nina and Wanda started after they were all accidental turned paranormal. Sloan is Keegan’s brother and quite the playboy werewolf and he is not real keen on talking to a distraught woman. He is the only person around to answer the OOPS phone and now has to go and find Jeannie’s bottle.


When Sloan rubs the bottle Jeannie comes out she starts calling Sloan ‘master’ and it was then that I knew this was going to get real interesting. That and the fact that some how Jeannie has became a really powerful Jeannie and can grant anybodies wish even if they just think it. So you can imagine the chaos that ensues.


Jeannie has some secrets of her own though and it’s bad enough to get them all in trouble. It’s almost more trouble that the OOPS ladies can handle.


The Accidental Genie, like all the others had me laughing. I love humorous  paranormal romances as they are just so much fun as long as they are done right and I haven’t yet read one of these that I haven’t liked. I love all the characters and Jeannie fits right in with all the other accidentals. Though some how I accidentally jumped from book 4 to book 7 and now must go back and get the other two I missed…lol.


Narrator: Meredith Mitchell


Meredith is the voice of the Accidentals and I can’t imagine anyone else narrating this series. She is great with the pacing and voices and I really enjoy her narrations. When I started out with book one I wasn’t sure about her but now I am so use to her that she really makes the series fun.


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