Decent crime novel

The Fixer - T.E. Woods

The Fixer is the first novel in the Mort Grant series by T.E Woods and it was a very good debut novel.

This fixer is a female assassin who only takes jobs that she feels deserves justice. She is more like a vigilante for hire than assassin. Those who want to find her put an ad in three different papers and wait for her to call. Then she listens to your case and decides if it is a job she will take, but she has rule. Only one hit a year in each country, but she broke her own rule. That is when things start going in a different way for the fixer.


Mort Grant is a detective and his son is a newspaper man.  His son calls him about a hunch about a man killed in what is called ‘a sex game gone bad’, but he thinks it was murder.  Mort looks into some things for him and one things leads to another and they are on the trail of the fixer.  Meanwhile, Lydia who is a psychologist, thinks that one of her patients Savannah might have something to do with one of the victims and tries to get herself involved in Mort’s investigation to find out.


The Fixer was a fast paced murder mystery with a few twist and turns. I really enjoyed reading it and some of the things that happened took me a little by surprise. It’s hard to review it without giving any details away, but if you really like crime novels then I think you will enjoy this one.  The only thing that I wasn’t so keen on is that it jumped around to a lot of different characters so you sort of feel like you bounce around a bit. Especially at the beginning because the author is trying to set everything up and it really goes character hopping and slows the pace down a bit but after that it picks up and goes really fast.


I would recommend this one and can’t wait to read the next Mort Grant novel.