Review of But For the Grace

But for the Grace - Peter Grainger, Gildart Jackson

D.C. Smith gets called in on an investigation about a lady who died in a nursing home. It looks like just a normal death but they find out she had taken heroin and that a couple others in her group had died in the last few months and so they try to figure out what happened.


 They find out that she was part of a small group that were pretty close and the more they look into things it leads Smith to one conclusion but trying to figure out how it happened or who might have done it was a bit harder. He gets to go head to head with an old man who was pretty smart.


I like D.C. Smith and he is not well liked by his peers, I think it's because he is older and not afraid to ask the tough questions or who might get in the way. There are those trying to get rid of him, he has been offered a job but hasn't said yes or no. He is a widower and at time dwells on the memories of his wife. He is a little clumsy when it comes to taking a lady to dinner but it's kind of sweet.  


This was a little bit different type of mystery but I still really enjoyed it. You don't get a lot that involve an old folks home so it was interesting. If you like crime novels then you might enjoy this series, so far I am liking it. :)


Gildart Jackson does a great job narrating this one. His female voices are not always great but he is still easy to listen too.