My favorite cozy series!! :)

The Tourist Trap mysteries are one of my favorites and also one series I am current with, halleluiah!


Jill and Greg are at a party that normally happens about once a year. It’s a gathering of Greg’s friends from school days and Jill finds some of them okay but some she doesn’t like so much. They are celebrating Levi getting married and while getting all kinds of drunk, one of the guys argues with Levi.  Later that evening Levi is found in the pool dead. Since Greg is close to the victim he is not allowed on the case and it’s driving him crazy.


Because of this he actually for once allows Jill to do a bit of investigating on her own without getting mad that she is interfering. So she goes out and talks to his friends and others and starts making her list that she normally makes, then she runs it buy Greg and they try and figure out who might have wanted Levi killed. There are a lot of people with some good reason for wanting to see Levi dead and I must say I didn’t have a clue whodonit!


Jill and Greg are one of my favorite book couples and I love how it has taken till book nine for them to be living together. Jill is really leery of relationships but she really likes Greg and she even mentioned the M word, which once she realized it about scared her to death…lol. I love how patient Greg is with her and her relationship issues. He isn’t in a huge hurry either as he got burned by his previous marriage. They are just a really cute couple.


I love all the secondary characters as well, it has just a great cast of characters. I am a little worried about Aunt Jackie!


This series always has a great mystery and I just really enjoy it as it always feels like I am coming home again when I get to be with characters I have grown to love. If you're a cozy reader then you need to try this series!