This was strange, but I like strange.

The Devils You Know - M. C. Atwood

The Devils You Know starts off a little slow but once they get in the house things take off and it's one weird moment after another as each room in the house has another obstacle to get through after another. 


It's about five totally different teenagers who all have a secret they fear getting out and when they sign up for a tour of this house that has a strange legend attached to it they find out there is something strange in that house.  


It's really hard to explain so this one will be a short review as it's really just one of those books you have to read for yourself. It's full of creepy stuff like dolls that attack you, the sea room was just creepy! Inside the house not everything wants to kill them so they do run across a few good helpers. The wizard is one of my favorites he was just so darn cute. 


Can't say I was a fan of all five teens as there was moments when I wanted to strangle a couple of them but then again they are teens. 


Five very different teens go in but the house does change them and I guess when you have to fight for your lives together that would happen. Has kind of a strange ending that makes you have to think a bit. I had to talk it over with a friend who had also read it. 


Fair warning it does have a lot of foul language in it. This is this authors first horror book and I thought she did a great job.

If your are doing Halloweeen Bingo I think it would be good for Chilling Children or Demons.