It has a bit to much going on

Circling the Runway (Jake Diamond Mystery) (Volume 4) - J.L. Abramo

I didn’t realize at the time that this one book 4 in the Jake Diamond series and I do think it would help if you start at the beginning with the first book because you would know a little more about how Jake Diamond ticks. I read some reviews and they all commented on Jake’s manner and attitude but I didn’t really get any of that that they talked about from reading this so maybe if I had read the others it would help me know Jake a bit more.


There have been three murders and they all seem to connect. They also seem to connect to Lieutenant Lopez and Sergeant Johnson does not want to believe that she could have anything to do with these murders. She has been dodging him and it’s not making her look good. He doesn’t want too but he decides to ask P.I. Jake Diamond to look into thing because he can’t do it himself. Jake seems like a gruff kind of P.I. who has some unsavory connections, but some times that can be a good thing.


If you ask me I think there was just way too many things going on in this book and trying to keep the cast of characters straight was really hard. Besides the murders there is a sex offender after Darlene, Jake’s assistant. It just seemed like to much for on novel that isn’t all that long. Now it did have some interesting twist and turns and the mystery was solid, but just too many names to keep track of for me.


Despite my complaints it was a decent mystery and if you think it sounds like something you might like I do think you should start with book one. Maybe I would have liked it more.